Control Union Certifications:
National Organic Program (NOP) Input

Agricultural products that are sold, labelled, or represented as allowed for use on organic operations must be produced and processed in accordance with the Control Union Certifications Standards based on the National Organic Program (NOP) of the US Department of Agriculture. Control Union Certifications (CU) has inspected Biobizz products and found them to be in accordance with these standards.

Control Union has certified Biobizz products as an input allowed for use on organic operations. Products labelled as ‘100 percent organic’ may only contain organically produced ingredients and processing aids, excluding water and salt. Agricultural products labelled ‘100 percent organic’ cannot be produced using excluded methods, sewage sludge, or ionizing radiation.

Control Union Certifications:
Organic EU Input

Control Union is an international organisation for organic production inspection and certification throughout the world at a global level. It’s in accordance with standard ECC Regulation No. 271/2010.

This organisation guarantees that certified products do not contain any chemical fertiliser or pesticide, chemical or synthetic flavours, colours or preservatives, or genetically modified organisms (GMO).

Good Soil Quality Mark

The Good Soil Quality Mark is an independent inspection mark for potting soil, soil improvers, and fertilizers that guarantees product quality and ensures safe, contamination-free products.

To make the grade, products must conform to strict requirements that apply to all raw ingredients, the production process, and the final product.

Point Vert

The Point Vert symbol is used on packaging to show that the producer contributes to reducing the environmental impact of product packaging.

Also known as the Green Dot, the Point Vert was founded in Germany in the early 90s to help educate people about environmental pollution caused by waste and to create a programme to help the environment recover. The programme is financed by companies contributing when they register to use the Green Dot or Point Vert.

Biobizz not only produces organic fertilizers, we also care deeply about contributing to a better environment in any way we can. So naturally we’re registered under the Point Vert certificate and you’ll see the little green logo on all our product packaging.

OMRI: Organic Materials Review Institute

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is an international non-profit organisation that determines which contributions are permitted for use in organic production and processing.

OMRI’s staff is managed by a Council of Directors, which is widely representative of the organic industry: assessors, farmers, supplies, processors, traders, consumers’ organisations, and animal and environmental protection groups.

Products from the OMRI list are suitable for use in foodstuff processing and organic production.

Clean Green Certification

The Clean Green Certification is a third-party certification program modeled on existing national and international agricultural standards, ensuring environmentally clean and sustainable methods.

It incorporates aspects of the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP), international organic programs, and sustainable farming practices. Products licensed to carry the Clean Green Certified logo contribute to the sustainability of farming.

The certification is based on processing and handling standards, which certify Biobizz’ ability to keep organically, sustainably-grown product separate from product grown with synthetic pesticides.

The Clean Green program allows Biobizz to be distinguished from the rest, with a label that stands for legal compliance, consumer quality and environmental stewardship.


EnviroCann is a third-party certification organization, focused on the Quality Assurance and Quality Control of production and products. The Enviroganic Certification is the highest level of certification from EnviroCann.

It reflects that all Envirocann standards regarding state and local environmental compliance are met and that organic management practices are being used.

In products that are certified, were no pesticide residues detected. The EnvirOganic logo represents products produced using exemplary practices, organic inputs, and in a manner exceeding current national organic standards.

After examination in the EnviroCann Material Review Program, this certification was granted to following Biobizz® products: Alg·A·Mic™ Bio·Bloom™, Bio·Grow®, Bio·Heaven™, Fish·Mix™, Root·Juice™, and Top·Max™