Here is where you’ll find some useful tips & tricks that will help enhance your whole Biobizz experience. You can also pick up answers from our green fingered experts to common questions.

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Use Alg·A·Mic™ as a foliar spray

When you spray Alg·A·Mic directly onto the leaves, this helps the plant absorb even more of the chlorophyll it generates – so you end up with a fantastically green foliage. Mix Alg·A·Mic with 1-2ML per 1 litre of water, and spray this on to the plant 2-3 times per week – when the lights are switched off and not in full sunshine.

There is perlite in All·Mix® - what does this do for my plants?

The perlite in All·Mix creates an aerated substrate. This helps the soil to breathe and offers better growing conditions for the roots. Perlite also absorbs water and nourishing elements perfectly, letting the soil take advantage of these nutrients for much longer.

Spray Fish·Mix™ over the leaves for direct benefit

As well as being something you add to your regular plant water, Fish·Mix™ also works brilliantly as a spray. Biobizz recommends mixing 1-2ML of Fish·Mix per 1 litre of water. Spray this over the plants during the period of growth until the second week of the flowering period.

Re-using Light·Mix®

Just like All·Mix, Light·Mix can also be reused so nothing goes to waste. And it’s perhaps even more easy and convenient as there is no need to add worm castings and Pre·Mix™. You could add 30% of fresh Light·Mix to what’s already there, or even nothing at all – simply pick out the old roots and start growing again. With Light·Mix, the plant relies on the grower, not on the compost. So it’s important to pay attention to leaf colour and growth pattern and feed with the right dose of Biobizz liquid organic fertiliser.

Re-using All·Mix®

If you intend to reuse the soil and All·Mix substrate…

1. Remove and discard the top surface layer of soil from the plant pot or bed. Even if you are certain it is free of eggs or larvae, it’s best to be on the safe side.

2. Prune the plant leaving just a small stalk and the roots in the soil. Then pull the stem up and remove the roots completely.

3. Sift through the soil with your fingers or a hand fork and remove as many of the old roots as possible. A few left behind isn’t a problem, but a larger root mass will use up more of the soil’s energy for decomposition.

4. Add fresh Pre·Mix™ (5%) and Worm·Humus™ (10%), then moisten and if you’re using a pot, leave this in a warm place for at least a week.

Make all your own soil mixtures with Pre·Mix™

Give your soil a Pre·Mix upgrade to encourage optimal growth and flowering, while making the plant more resistance to diseases. Add approximately 3 to 5% Pre·Mix to the total amount of soil you’re planting with.

Important things to know about using seaweeds

Seaweeds are a true miracle substance and one of the ingredients in Root·Juice™ and Alg-a-Mic . These are the some five positive effects on plant growth:

1. Immune system

  • seaweeds help the plant resist any negative environmental effects and harmful insects.

2. Chlorophyll

  • adding extracts of seaweeds makes the plant absorb and maintain chlorophyll better for greener leaves.

3. Microbes

  • seaweed is a nutrient for positive and benign soil bacteria, which increases the amount of microbes in the soil.

4. Nematodes

  • these multicellular wormlike animals can be harmful to certain plants. When seaweed extracts are added to the substrate these help stop the nematodes settling comfortably on the plant or in the roots.

5. Changes in temperature

  • seaweed helps plants acclimatise and resist damaging temperature alterations, such as during cold weather.

Combine Coco•Mix™ with All•Mix

By adding Coco•Mix to your All•Mix substrate, you allow extra air to enter into the substrate, and at the same time, it guarantees the nutrients are absorbed more efficiently.

Encouraging enzymatic activity in the plant

Enzymes in the plant are complex molecules that catalyse very specific reactions. They’re absolutely vital for a plant to grow healthy and strong with lots of volume. Many of these enzymes don’t work without an extra factor present, such as the metal ions (also called trace elements) – potassium, magnesium, sodium or iron. Bio·Heaven™ adds these ions to the substrate so the enzymes are able to get to work, fast and effectively.

Eco-friendly plant protection

Use it to prevent or protect, it’s completely different to artificial and poisonous products, and has a pleasant odour. From the distributor and retailer to the consumer, everyone gets to save money with Leaf·Coat, as you can stop pests at source and safely neutralise their effect.

Plant-breeders like the fact that you can spray directly onto the plant right up to 3-4 days before harvest and not cause any damage to the fruits and flowers.

What are the best storage conditions for Biobizz products?

Store all your Biobizz products in a dry, dark place (away from direct sunlight) with low humidity and an average (room) temperature of 18 degrees. Don´t store them in the fridge.

How long can I keep products once opened?

Biobizz products are completely natural and contain only the best compounds, so they don’t have any preservatives in them. For this reason, we recommend that you use up the products quickly once you’ve opened them to ensure they’re as effective as possible, and don’t leave them unsealed or without a lid.

How long can I keep products unopened?

Biobizz products are handmade, natural, organic, GMO free and without preservatives, so their shelf life is naturally less than factory-made chemical fertilisers. When unopened and stored correctly, the average life of Biobizz products is 12-24 months.

How long do products last once mixed with water?

We recommend using up the prepared solution within two to three days, so you can make the most of all those hard-working organic compounds, natural ingredients and microorganisms.

If I water by hand, how often can I water and feed my plants?

All plants are different – some are really thirsty, others can go for quite a while without a drink. How often you’ll need to water also depends on the absorption capacity of your soil. In general, watering 2 or 3 times a week should be enough. You can test this with a moisture metre. Or even easier, put your finger in the earth and if it sticks to your finger, then the moisture level is still okay.

How do you balance the pH/EC of Biobizz soil/fertilizer?

When using Biobizz soils, you don’t need to measure the EC and pH value like you would when using a mineral medium. Biobizz products only contain natural organic elements, giving them a very low Electrical Conductivity (EC) value. And while the organic elements can’t be measured, they do have a self-regulating system, which helps maintain the pH values at the correct level.

How does the pH value of my soil influence the growth of plants?

Understanding soil pH value is key to growing healthy plants. The pH value of soil indicates its level of acidity and this affects the bacterial life and metabolism of the plants you grow. Having a soil pH value that’s too low or too high, or tinkering with the pH too much, can often lead to plants absorbing less nutrients and, therefore, a less successful harvest. Low pH-values may also end up poisoning the plant, while high pH-value leads to decreased growth and flowering. The ideal pH value for soil is between 6.3 and 6.5. We make Biobizz soil with this pH value so that when you use it, under normal circumstances, you won’t have to adjust the pH value of your water. Just let the Biobizz products work their magic for you!

Do I need to add calcium or magnesium to Biobizz?

In general, no. If your local water source has less than 200 ppm of dissolved mineral content you may need to add calcium and/or magnesium. We suggest top-dressing or amending with dolomite lime for a balanced source of calcium and magnesium. Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) is another source of readily available magnesium approved for organic gardeners.

Can you use Biobizz products in a foliar spray? How?

Yes. We suggest using Alg·A·Mic™, Bio·Heaven™ and Acti·Vera™in a foliar solution. Mix at a rate of 1 ml per litre. Do not exceed this dosage. Spray with the lights off in an indoor application and don’t apply the solution more than once a week.

Can I use Biobizz in my compost tea recipe?

Alg·A·Mic™and Fish·Mix™ work very well as catalysts in actively aerated compost tea. Use both products at a rate of 2 ml per litre in solution, add high quality compost and/or worm castings and aerate for 18-24 hours.

Can I re-use my Biobizz soil? How do I reactivate it?

Yes, you can re-use Biobizz soil with a few provisos. Do not reuse media after more than 6-9 months of continuous use. After harvest, gently remove the remaining root mass. Transplant your new plants adding a thin layer of worm castings and Pre·Mix™to the soil surface. Water your plants with a heavy dose of microbial tea for the first watering.

Will Biobizz nutrients work in a no-till environment?

Yes. Biobizz is an ideal liquid nutrient for no-till applications. Our focus on building soil health as a means to feed the plants makes Biobizz perfect for helping activate your soil in a no-till environment.

Do I need to use a bacterial/mycorrhizal inoculant with Biobizz?

You don’t have to use a bacterial/mycorrhizal inoculant, but it will help your soil health if you do. We don’t have a particular brand we’d recommend you use. Just ask your local retailer to suggest a balanced bacterial/mycorrhizal/Trichoderma supplement and apply when you transplant your plants.

Should I use Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) with Biobizz?

Yes! The more organic matter you add to your soil, the easier it will be for the plants to access the nutrients. There are countless compost tea recipes available online. Just search ‘compost tea recipes’ to get tips on making your own.

Should I start feeding with Biobizz as soon as I transplant? Or should I wait? How long?

If you’re growing in pure Light·Mix™, start feeding as soon as you transplant. If you’re using All·Mix™ or another amended medium that includes Pre·Mix™, you can wait a week before you start feeding the plants.

Can I safely use dried amendments (guano, kelp meal, etc.) in combination with Biobizz?

Yes, but be careful. Some dried amendments have very high levels of primary nutrients and can burn your plants if they’re over applied. Biobizz liquids alone are very difficult to over apply.

When to use cal-mag with our line?

When your water is under 200 ppm or minerals in your water source are non-transferable.

How do I use the Try·pack™ Indoor/Outdoor?

Follow the nutrients schedule that applies to your product. If you can check the EC of your water, try to reach 1100 µS/cm on the vegetative phase and do not pass 2500 µS/cm on the flowering phase.

Do you have a nutrients schedule for auto-flowering plants?

Auto-flowering plants usually have a 3-week vegetative phase. Just follow the existing Biobizz nutrients schedule taking into account that your plants will start flowering 3 weeks after planting.

Is there Trichoderma in Biobizz products?

Trichoderma is the most prevalent genus of fungi found in all ecological soils. Biobizz products provide the right conditions for Trichoderma fungus to develop, but there are many other factors that can affect the behaviour of this fungus.

Are there any heavy metals in Biobizz products?

Organic products, such as air, earth, and water, naturally contain heavy metals due to the course of life over generations. An accumulation of these metals can be malicious for humans, but a very continuous exposure would be needed.

Biobizz products are the most certified at European level as Organic and Ecological. But that doesn’t mean that we do not have to pass extra controls when importing products in some countries.

In Chile, the Agricultural and Livestock Service requires an extra label that lists the heavy metal values ​​of the products, just like they require it for milk and other consumables.

In Spain, according to Royal Decree 506/2013, the consumer must also be informed with a sentence required by law on the label, where it is specified that the level of heavy metals in the product is in the classification range A, B or C. A is the category of products with the absolute minimum concentration of metals. Other fertilizers, such as synthetics, will have a different classification.

Biobizz has categorization A. And that is demonstrated on the label.